325 to 333 Main Street

These five commercial units known today as 325 to 333 Main Street, were built in 1960 and replaced a dwelling and building erected on the site in 1876 and 1877.
The owners and occupiers were:

1. John Lloyd

2. Edwin Millard

3. James Graham

4. William Smith

5. Leon Leroy

6. Augustus Deschamp
Anna Marguerite, Arnold Augustus and Rudolph Deschamp.
Anna Marguerite and Arnold Augustus Deschamp

7. Louis Herry
Leopold Francis and Louis James Stanley Herry.
Howard Stanley Edwards.

8. Carmine D’Aloisio

1867 Township of Lilydale map with
lot 10 circled.

Township map showing John Lloyd
as the first registered owner.

1. John Lloyd

John Lloyd of Melbourne purchased Lot 10 on February 6, 1867 at a land sales auction held at the auction room of Messrs Gemmell, Tuckett, and Co, Collins Street west in Melbourne from 2pm. On the day town lots from Epping, Wollert, Scoresby, Greensborough and Lillydale went under the hammer. The upset price per acres for the Lillydale lots was £8 per acre. In all there were 41 lots ranging from 24 perches to 2 roods in area that were to be sold. (1)
Reporting on the auction the Age newspaper reported there was a good attendance and brisk competition for some lots.

Argus Tuesday 5 February 1867, page 6.

John Lloyd purchased two lots including lot 10, for £4/10/-. We have been unable to find out more about John Lloyd other than he was from Melbourne.(2)

000009 Main Street, Lilydale looking west 1878. Note the Lilydale Hotel is now the 2 storey brick building on the left. On the right, a building is now standing on the north east corner of Castella Street.

2. Edwin Millard
On September 1, 1871 John Lloyd sold lot 10 to Edwin Millard. On the new title issue on Septmeber 9, 1871, Edwin Millard is listed as being “of the Courier office Ballarat.” (3)
Edwin Millard was actively involved in mining in the Ballarat area and was first President of the Royal Exchange at Ballarat from 6 July 1881.(4)
He later became Chairman of the Ballarat Stock Exchange and a member of the Stock Exchange of Melbourne. (5)

3. James Graham
Millard’s ownership of the lot was short lived as he sold it on August 3, 1872 to James Graham of Lillydale. (6)
The newly formed Shire of Lillydale, the successor of the Upper Yarra District Road Board was created in February 1872 and in readiness for it, the first Rate Book was created based on residents owning or leasing property as at December 21, 1871. Listed in that Rate Book is a James Graham who gave his occupation as a baker. He was leasing a baker’s shop and residence at Lillydale owned by Edward Poyner. The property was valued at £16.(7)
It was not until the end of 1873, that he was listed as having an allotment in to the township and the shop. (8)

3. William Smith
In May 1874, Graham sold the property to William Smith and probably left Lilydale as he disappears from the Rate Books.(9) Also, Edward Poyner is now paying the rates on his own bakery.(10)

On the Title, William Smith is described as a blacksmith from Yering and like those before him, his ownership was short. In the 1874 Shire of Lillydale Rate Books he is listed as owning a township allotment and leasing 12 acres and a shop from Robert Black and a further 28 acres from a W. Pentland. (11)

William Mitchell Smith was born in New Cumnock, Ayrshire in 1841 and arrived in Australia in 1853. He married Annie Rintoul at Rosedale in Gippsland in 1867 and they had nine children born between 1868 and 1883. The family arrived in the district by 1872 when their third child Gilbert was born at The Lodge – the then name for Coldstream.

In 1875 he purchased his own land and by 1878 had purchased a further 67 acres and erected a residence which became Lodge Park, a property still existing today.(12)

However, tragedy struck the family when in February 1878 their two-year-old son James wandered away and drowned in a water hole on the property. The hole had only just filled after recent rain. The cause of death was accidental drowning.(13)

William Smith died at Carlton on February 24, 1885, aged 44 years. He is buried in a unmarked grave along with his son James and young daughter Elizabeth in the Lilydale cemetery’s Presbyterian section.

5. Leon Leroy
William Smith sold it to Leon Leroy on April 27, 1875. (14) Leroy’s ownership was to transform the property as it was during his time a building was erected. By December 1876 he had erected a brick house on his ½ of land which was now valued at £25 and in the following year had added a shop which combined were valued at £28. (15)
Writing in the Back to Lilydale Re-union book, Arnold Deschamp wrote:
“Here vigneron Augustus Deschamp erected a cooperage and appointed cooper Leroy its manager. Casks of every description were made here and sent to all parts of Victoria.” (16)
It was run by F. Leroy, a French cooper, who, with several tradesmen under him, made casks to the order of local and other winemakers. Leroy coopered for a while for my father at St. Hubert’s. I well remember him when I was a small boy. He was an enthusiast about fishing and shooting and kept for a while in the cooper’s shop a pair of leverets he had secured in Melbourne. He ultimately released these in the vineyard, with the result that hares, of which there had been none about previously, became plentiful a few years later. (17)
Leroy mortgaged the property to Augustus Deschamp on June 18, 1876 which gave Leroy the money to erect the cooperage and gave Deschamp security over his investment. (18)

00394 A. Deschamp’s Residence Lilydale.

6. Augustus Deschamp
When Augustus Deschamp purchased the property on January 21, 1879 it was the beginning of almost three decades of Deschamp family ownership and was rented out to various people who operated several different types of businesses. (19)
The Deschamp’s family were early settlers of Lilydale.
Augustus, 17, who was later to own Lillydale Vineyard, arrived in Australia with his father Victor Joseph Clement (Joseph) and brother Louis, 12 in January 1854 on the ship Keran Hasselaar.
Victoria’s then Lieutenant Governor, Charles La Trobe was an old school friend of Victor in Neuchatel, Switzerland. The three stayed with La Trobe when they first arrived in Victoria. Later his wife, Susanne Duvoisin and other son, Clement arrived in Australian in September 1856.
In 1860, Joseph Clement purchased 90 acres of land on both sides of the Lilydale township at the village’s first land sales and the three sons established vineyards in and around the Lilydale township – Augustus at Pine Grove; Louis the Olinda Vineyards and Clement the Market Street Vineyards.

The home Pine Grove still exists and has a frontage to Pine Street. Augustus’ hobby was music and his music room contained nearly every kind of instrument. He was a good musician and was a prominent member of the Lilydale Brass Band.

06820 Auguste Deschamp.

06821 Anna Deschamp.

Augustus married Arabella Campbell at Hawthorn on November 12, 1859. They had four children: Edward Joseph born in Lilydale in 1860; Augustus born in Lilydale 1862 and died November 1866; Lilydale Mary, born in Lilydale October 7, 1865 and William Alfred born December 11, 1865.
After Arabella’s death on October 30, 1866, Augustus married Anne Marguerite Wuillemin, daughter of the Mayor of Switzerland in 1868 and they had five sons: Arnold born Lilydale 1871; Rudolph (1873 – 1902); Louis Frederick (1875 – 1905); Victor and Florian.

Tenants Samuel and Alfred Wilson
Brothers Sam and Alfred Wilson took over the building in the early 1880s as they did not want to work on the family farm operated by their parents Joseph and Caroline Wilson. (20)
By 1885 Sam had married Helena Collier and they had two daughters: Rhoda and Hilda. He continued to run his general store in Main Street.
His brother Alfred became a cartage contractor and by 1886 he had built Hephziba accommodation house in Albert Hill Road and left contracting. He had married Charity and they had two children Laura and Alfred. (21)

00109 S. J. Wilson’s store Main St, Lilydale 1885.

00021 Pen and ink drawing of looking northeast
towards The Towers and Main Street, Lilydale, 1888-89.

The land crash in the 1890s and the subsequent Depression appears to have taken a toll on Augustus whose health started to fail. He died on August 26, 1900 aged 62 years. Under the terms of his Will Anna was the executrix with sons Arnold and Rudolph. Of all of Augustus’ property, she gained title to the Main Street property. (22)
The death of son Rudolph in 1902, left Anna and Arnold as the proprietors. Throughout the years, various families operated businesses and lived in the property but they are hard to track through the Rate Books. On February 2, 1915, the Deschamp family sold the business to baker Louis Herry. (23)

7. Louis Herry
The Herry family were to own the property from 1915 until 1958, however the family were associated with the building for much longer.
Louis Herry arrived in Australia aged 14 as a baker on a French warship about 1850. He absconded at Walhalla and became a baker there. He also met and married Miss Hanford and two of their children Leo and Marie were born there. The family moved to Ringwood, then in the Shire of Lillydale, in the early 1880s and Louis was the first man to bake bread for sale in the town from his shop opposite Daisy’s Hotel at the junction of Maroondah Highway and Mt Dandenong Road. Another son Jack was born at Ringwood about 1888.
The family sold the shop and moved to Lilydale. (24)
The Rate Books show that by December 1900 Louis was operating a bakery in Wesble’s old blacksmith shop in Castella Street almost opposite the present museum. The family remembers Louis celebrating the Federation of Australia from the shop.
However, in 1903 he left Wesble’s premises and moved into Deschamp’s shop in September 1903 after new ovens were built in the shop. (25)

00807 The Herry’s bakery is clearly visible
in this 1914 image looking West from Anderson Street.

Louis retired from business in 1918 and left it to his sons John (Jack) and Louis to operate it.
Louis died on February 8, 1928 and the property passed to his sons Leopold (of New South Wales) and Louis and was then transferred just to Louis who retained the property until his death on June 22, 1957. His executor Howard Stanley Edwards sold the property on December 9, 1958 to Carmine D’Aloisio. (26)
Meanwhile, Louis’ other son John married Florence Hamblin whose father was also a baker in Lilydale. The bake house shop and residence were on the north- east side of the Olinda Creek. This was later a tea rooms and operated in direct competition to Jack who had saved up enough money to buy a small shop on the corner of Main and Castella streets where he ran a pie shop and tea rooms – the old Beehive Store which became the Motorists’ Tea rooms and were operated by John and his son Leo until they sold it in 1956. (27)

8. Carmine D’Aloisio
Carmine D’Aloisio, a builder living in Castella Street used his trade to build a new group of four shops.
The old building was demolished in August 1959 and the building finished by September of 1960.

Lilydale Express July 10, 1959 pg 9.

Lilydale Express September 9, 1960 pg16.

Lilydale Express July 10, 1959 pg 9.

Lilydale Express September 30, 1960 pg 4.

Lilydale Express July 31, 1959 pg4.

Lilydale Express September 30, 1960 pg5.

Lilydale Express November
    18, 1960 pg14.

The new buildings and the new shops enhanced the Castella to Anderson streets section of Main Street.
Morecrofts took over the first shop 325; Layton’s fashions 327 Sports Store later Toyworld (1970s) 331; Fruit Fiesta shop 333;
On May 25, 1983, Carmine D’Aloisio subdivided the building into 5 units – including one upstairs. On May 25, 1992 the properties were transferred into the name of D’Aloisio Nominess Pt Ltd of 20 The Eyrie. (28)
Unit 1 was sold to F & Y Pessimenti on November 14, 1995 and on August 24, 2014 was transferred to Joseph Frank Pezzimenti of Ringwood North. (29)
Unit 2 was sold to Pauline Margaret Edmonds and Charles Ernest William Edmonds on September 7, 1995 and to Elek Draft Pty Ltd on May 15, 2001. (30)
Unit 3 was sold to Peter and Helga Barbara Pfeifer on August 15, 1996. (31)
Unit 4 was sold to F & Y Pezzimenti on November 14, 1995 and sold to Yolanda Louise Care of Swansea Rd, Lilydale on August 24, 2012. (32)
Unit 5 was sold to Albert Hill Nominees Pty Ltd on October 23, 1995 and to Banksia Nominees of 248 Main St, Lilydale on January 29, 2005. (33)

05077 North side Lilydale Main Street
between Castella and Anderson St in
Lilydale March 1982.

02694 North side of Lilydale’s Main Street looking
west from Anderson Street corner showing
Brown & Hawkey’s SSW supermarket,
Bootleg shop. 1989.

02552 View of shops in the north side of Main
Street, Lilydale between Castella and
Anderson streets.

02695 North side of Main Street shops
between Lilydale between Castella and Anderson
streets, Lilydale 1989.

04611 Shops in Main Street,
Lilydale September 1991.

To see larger versions of the image or order a copy, go to our Business gallery.

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Our home is the Old Lilydale Court House @
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