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One important way the society raises funds if through its sale of its books and its surplus pre-loved books.
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Roy Hay’s Aboriginal People and Australian Football in the Nineteenth Century: They Did Not Come From Nowhere, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle, 2019 tells the real story.

Now out in paperback. Special offer. $39.95 direct from the author [email protected]
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Melba - A Family Memoir

Melba a Family Memoir

Pamela Vestey.

This is a 1996 first edition of Pamela Lady Vestey’s book which is now in its third print. Only 1000 printed of this 250 page book.

This is numbered and signed by Pamela Vestey and has been given to the society by the family of a late member. 1996. It is a hard cover with dust jacket and in excellent condition.

$80.00 plus postage and handling or can be picked up at the Old Lilydale Court House.

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Look to the Light - The Life of Lilydale Higher Elementary High School

Look to the Light by Lynda Carroll.

A soft covered book of 354 pages of the story of Lilydale High school which was launched in December. Lilydale High has agreed to allow the society to also sell the book.

The book traces the history of the school from the Higher Elementary School in Clarke Street to the present site. Students, teachers and events of the school are beautifully included. Lots of images. A must of anyone who attended the school.

The cost is $40 plus postage or can be picked up from the Old Lilydale Court House. Buy Book

Lilydale Express Centenary

Lilydale Express Centenary Edition

On June 30, 1986, Leader Newspapers published a special 100 page edition of the Lilydale Express to celebrate the centenary of that paper’s service to the Lilydale and surrounding communities. Leader also published a gold cover version of that newspaper which had to be pre-ordered.  Twelve months in the making, the newspaper covers all parts of its then circulation area including Heleasville, Yarra Glen and Upper Yarra. This special edition was one of dozens of activities staged throughout the year ranging from sports, arts, a car giveaway, special race meeting and a large birthday cake.

Our society has several pre-loved gold covered copies for sale.

The cost is $25 plus postage or can be picked up from the Old Lilydale Court House. Buy Book

Bricks by the Million
Sandy Ross 28pps.

From the 1870s to the 1950s, Lilydale had clay pits and brick works operating. The bricks went all over Victoria and included house bricks, agricultural pipes, street guttering to name but a few. Seven clay pits were operating in the early both east and west of the township. The only one to operate until the 1950s was the Hynes brickworks east of the Warburton Rail Trail. COST $5 for ebook – Download eBook

The Melbourne Athanaeum - Colouring Book

The Melbourne Athenaeum

A pre-loved colouring book with a difference produced to celebrate 175 years of the Melbourne Athenaeum. $5.00.

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History of Postal Services in Victoria

History of Postal Services in Victoria

Pre-loved 128 page book produced by Australia Post for the Victorian 150th celebrations, in 1984. Interesting to read how our postal services evolved. $5.00.

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The Longest Journey

Museum of Lillydale

Pre-loved copy of the history of migration to the Lillydale Shire is 20pps and features stories of many local people who made Lilydale their home. $5.00.

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Mt Evelyn Primary School - Centenary Edition - 1910 - 2010

Mt Evelyn Primary School No 3642

Centenary Edition update

Pre-loved copy of the school’s rich history. 136pps, lots of images and an easy read. $15.00

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Heres to Grandpa - Weston Bate

Here’s to Grandpa!

The watercolurs 1900-1940 of C.A. Wilson

Weston Bate

A beautiful pre-loved full colour book published by the Royal Historical Society of Victoria and written by imminent historian Weston Bate. Copious images of C.A. Wilson’s work. 56pgs $10.00

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A Grand Old Lady - The Story of the Grand Hotel

A ‘Grand’ Old Lady

The Story of Healesville’s Grand Hotel

Bryn Jones

This 40pg book published by the Healesville & District Historical Society traces the history of the hotel, its owners, characters and events which shaped both the hotel and the town. $5.00

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Dandenong Ranges Book

Dandenong Ranges

A 28pg full colour promotional booklet featuring wonderful images of hte Dandenongs including features such as the Olinda Golf course which no longer exists. $5.00

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From the Creek to the Dome - Lilydale Swimming Club - 1903 - 2003

From the Creek to the Dome

Lilydale Swimming Club 1903 – 2003

A wonderful history of one of Lilydale’s great icon the swimming pool and the swimming club. This 208 pg pre-loved book draws heavily on the Lilydale Express and personal records and collections, it is a must on any bookshelf. $20.00

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Conserving Our Cemeteries

Conserving Our Cemeteries

Celestina Sagazio

Published by the National Trust, historian Celestina Sagazio provides a step by step guide for groups charged with caring for cemeteries in this 68pg well illustrated publication. $5.00

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Flourmillers and Farmers

The Cashin Family

Aly Kroon

Fascinated by the old Casin Mill ruins on the banks of the Lillydale Lake Aly Kroon set out to research and write the story about the district’s first industrial building and the family behind it. Rare copy. $15.00

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Lillydale - The Billanook Country

Lillydale The Billanook Country 1837 – 1972

Marian Aveling

The first major history of the Lillydale Shire published by the Shire of Lillydale in 1972 to celebrate the centenary of the creation of the Shire. Now out of print the book provides an overall history of the Lilydale District through beautifully written text and images. A must of anyone wanting to learn about the settlement of the district $10.00. Three copies.

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Red Plush and Black Velvet

Red Plush & Black Velvet The Story of Dame Nellie Melba

Joseph Wechsberg
This 370 page book traces the life of Lilydale’s own Nellie Melba written not by a historian but as a musician who studied in music in Vienna and later moved to America and became a correspondent for The New Yorker. Not one of the best biographies of Melba but well worth a read for an insight into the world of opera. $5.00

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