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Current No. in the Burial Register is the interment number of that person. Previous No. is the interment number of the person previously or subsequently interred in the same grave.

Young, William Blamire and Mabel Ellen

William Blamire Young

Burial Register Details:
Previous No.
Current No. Date
Name Age Section Lot Note
4899 2629 14-01-1935 Young, William Blamire 71 CE2 278  –
2629 4899 01-05-1956 Young, Mabel Ellen 81 CE2 278  –

William Blamire / Young / born 9th August 1862 / died 14th January 1935 / aged 73 years /also / Mabel Ellen / born 16th July 1875 / died 30th April 1956

 10409 (14-16)


William Young was born in Yorkshire, England the second son of a family of 12. He attended Cambridge University and studied the classics, mathematics and fine art. He came to Australia in 1885 and after a stint teaching in 1893 he returned to England to paint professionally and became involved in poster art. While there he met and married Mable Sayer and they had two daughters. They returned to Australia and settled in Montrose where he continued to paint and also became a well-respected art critic for the Melbourne Herald. In his obituary, the Lilydale Express wrote that he commanded respect in a wide circle as was evident and his burial at Lilydale Cemetery. Paying their last tribute were Messrs Theodore Fink, Bell, Gill, McCubbin, O’Dowd, Leckie and Outhwaite. Among the floral tributes were wreaths from the Victorian Artists Society, the T Square Club, The Herald and Weekly Times, Mr and Mrs Oswald Syme, Joan and Daryl Lindsay, Theodore Fink, Dora and Helen Lempriere, Dora J. Wilson, John Longstaff, Lilian White, Peggy Clarke, Mr and Mrs Robinson and family. [Lilydale Express 18-01-1935 and A Tour of Lilydale Cemetery Vol 1 pg12.]

Mabel Ellen Young


Mabel Young (nee Sayer) was born in 1875 at Sussex, England, the youngest child with five brothers and one sister. A poor family, her father went to New Zealand and was away for 12 years working. Mable became an interior decorator and a wood and metal carver. Mabel met artist William Blamire Young and they were later married in St.Peters Church in Brushey before setting sail for Australia in 1898. Their two children were Ida born in 1899 and Lalage born 1901. After Williams’ death, Mabel moved homes and finally moved in with her daughter at Mooroolbark. [Melba and Other Amazing Women, pgs11 and 12]

References: Lilydale Express 18-01-1935; A Tour of Lilydale Cemetery Vol 1Melba and Other Amazing Women, Lorraine Smith.

Younger, John and Ann

John Younger

Burial Register Details:
Previous No. Current No. Date Name Age Section Lot Note
598 200 23-09-1878 Younger, John 68 P2 3
200 598 02-01-1891 Younger, Ann 77 P2 4

Sacred / to / the memory of / John Younger / the beloved husband of / Ann Younger / who died at Yering, Septr 21st, 1878 / aged 68 years.

 10178 (6-19)


John Younger with his son Thomas rented a 300 acre farm from Paul de Castella and worked it for seven years when they purchased 110 acres with a homestead lived in by Thomas and his family where they carried out farming and dairying. [Victoria and Its Metropolis pg 415]

Ann Younger


In a lengthy article, Ann Younger, aged about 80 years took her own life by cutting her throat. She bled to death. At the time she was living with her daughter Isabella Supple, wife of Michael Supple. She had gone to her room at 4pm and when her granddaughter Mary Ann Supple went to get her for tea she found her sitting in her chair with blood oozing out. She was still alive but died shortly afterwards.

Dr Kilpatrick had attended Mrs Younger some weeks earlier for weakness and debility. He had been told of her eccentric behaviour and believed she suffered from unsoundness of the mind. G.R. White JP acting as coroner recorded a verdict that deceased died from a wound in the throat inflicted during a fit of temporary insanity. [Lilydale Express 04-01-1891]

References: Lilydale Express 04-01-1891; Victoria and Its Metropolis.

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