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Current No. in the Burial Register is the interment number of that person. Previous No. is the interment number of the person previously or subsequently interred in the same grave.

Upton, James, Elizabeth, Angela May and James Aloysius

James Upton

Burial Register Details:
Previous No. Current No. Date Name Age Section Lot Note
2021 21-01-1924 Upton, James 80 RC1 115
2021 3083 23-03-1942 Upton, Elizabeth 77 RC1 115
4585 18-11-1951 Upton, Angela May 61 RC1 116
4585 4941 26-09-1956 Upton, James Aloysius 65 RC1 116

In loving memory / of my dear husband / James Upton / who died 21st January 1924 / aged 79 years. / Also his beloved wife / Elizabeth / died 22nd March 1942 / aged 77 years. / R.I.P. / In loving memory of / Angela May Upton / died 16th November 1951. /And / James Aloysius Upton / died 24th September 1956 / loved son and daughter of / James and Elizabeth Upton. / Rest in peace.

Links: See William Upton No. 10223 and Mary Upton No. 10226
Image: 10227 (8-12)


An old and highly respected resident of Yering, in the person of Mr James Upton, at the ripe age of 80 years, calmly passed out of life at his residence ‘Valley View’, Yering, on January 21st. During his long life he had associated himself with every movement that had for its object the benefit and growth of the district in which he resided; but of late owing to infirmities of advancing years, he had to refrain from taking part in many things in which he would have delighted to help…. [Lilydale Express 25-01-1924]

Elizabeth Upton


Elizabeth Upton was born Elizabeth Agnes Woulfe in 1865 at Emerald Hill and married James Upton in 1882. They had 12 children. [Upton Family Tree]

Angela May Upton


Angela May was born in 1890, the daughter of James and Elizabeth Agnes (nee Woulfe) Upton. [Upton Family Tree]

James Aloysius Upton


James was born blind in 1900, the son of James and Elizabeth Agnes (nee Woulfe) Upton. He died of a heart attack on the 28-09-1956. [Upton Family Tree]


Upton, James Aloysius. The late Mr Upton [of Victoria Rd] was a member of one of the districts oldest farming families, and a son of the late Mr and Mrs James Upton. The funeral at Lilydale was preceded by a Requiem Mass service at St Patrick’s church….Sympathy is extended to his surviving brothers, Jack and Charlie, and sisters Tessie and Joyce. [Lilydale Express 28-09-1956]

References: Lilydale Express 25-01-1924; 28-09-1956; LDHS archives; Upton Family Tree.

Upton, Mary, Mary Anne and Josephine

Mary Upton

Burial Register Details:
Previous No. Current No. Date Name Age Section Lot Note
6273 2296 25-12-1929 Upton, Mary 78 RC1 157/158 Full
4685 11-03-1953 Upton, Mary Ann 69 RC1 157/158
2296 6273 29-08-1962 Upton, Josephine RC1 157/158 Full

In loving memory of / Mary Upton / died 24th December 1929 / loved daughter of Charles and Catherine Upton. / Also / Mary Anne Upton / died 9th March 1953. / And / Josephine Upton / died 26th August 1962 / loved daughters of James and Elizabeth Upton. / Rest in peace.

Notes: Burial Register shows Mary Ann while headstone is Mary Anne
Links: See also Willliam Upton No. 10223
Image No: 10226 (8-11)


Mary who was called Molly was born in 1851, the youngest child of Charles and Catherine (O’Healy) Upton. She died on the 24-12-1929 aged 78 years. [Upton Family Tree LDHS files]

Mary Ann Upton


Mary Ann was the eldest child of James and Elizabeth Agnes (nee Woulfe) Upton and was born in 1883. She died of a heart attack on the 9-03-1953 aged 69 years. [Upton Family Tree LDHS files]

Josephine Upton


Josephine was born in 1894, the eighth child of James and Elizabeth Agnes (nee Woulfe) Upton. She died of a heart attack on 26-08-1962, aged 68 years. [Upton Family Tree LDHS files]

References: Upton Family Tree and LDHS files.

Upton, William, John, Michael, Charles and Catherine

William, John and Michael Upton

Burial Register Details:
Previous No. Current No. Date Name Age Section Lot Note
258 35 03-08-1868 Upton, William 25 RC1 29/30
35 03-08-1868 Upton, John 22 RC1 29/30
35 03-08-1868 Upton, Michael 20 RC1 29/30
35 258 02-07-1881 Upton, Charles 64 RC1 29/30
258 392 03-08-1886 Upton, Catherine 70 RC1 29/30

Upton / Erected by / Charles and Catherine / Upton / in memory of their dear sons / William / born 16 March 1843, aged 25 years. / John / born 7 Dec. 1846, aged 22 years. / Michael / born 21 Nov. 1848, aged 20 years / who were accidentally suffocated by the fumes of charcoal 29 July 1868. / Charles Upton / died 1 July 1881 aged 62 years. / Catherine Upton / died 3 Aug. 1886 aged 70 years. / father and mother of above.

Links: See also Mary Upton No. 10226
Image: 10223 (8-8)


William, John and Michael were the sons of Charles and Catherine (nee O’Healy) Upton. William the eldest child was born on 16-03-1843; John the third son was born on 07-12-1846 and Michael the fourth son was born on 21-11-1848. All were born in Australia.

Sadly all three died together on 29-07-1868 from charcoal poisoning. John 25, William 21 and Michael Upton 19, had complained of the coldness of their room and not knowing of the poisonous effect of burning charcoal in a closed space, had taken a pan of charcoal into their room and lit it for warmth. Their mother found them dead the next morning.

Their father was aware of the properties of charcoal fires but was unaware of what the boys had planned.

A subsequent Inquest found that “death had been occasioned by asphyxia from inhaling carbonic acid gas.” Dr Baker observed that death was inevitable where a person slept in a confined room in which charcoal was burning. The jury in their verdict expressed their belief that the deceased men were unaware of the fatal effects of burning charcoal in a confined bedroom.

Nearly every family in the Upper Yarra district were represented at the funeral%u2026the three coffins were placed on young men’s shoulders, and, preceded by Father Finn, of Heidelberg, advanced to the grave, dug wide enough to receive the bodies side by side…. [Upton family tree and The Argus 03-08-1868 and 05-08-1868]

Charles Upton


Charles Upton, born in 1817, the son of John and Deborah (Hayes). He left Country Limerick bound for Australia on board the vessel the “Gilmore” which arrived at Port Phillip on 24-12-1841. He married Catherine O’Healey (1816) and had five children: William, James, John, Michael, Mary The Upton family property was ‘Valley View’ and was on Victoria Rd, Yering. It remained in the family for more than 100 years.
He died on -01-07-1881 when he fell from a cart and broke his neck. [Upton Family Tree and LDHS files]

Catherine Upton

Death notice:

We regret to record the death of Mrs Catherine Upton of Lilydale, who died very suddenly on the 3rd inst. Deceased, who was 70, was a colonist of 45 years. The funeral took place on 5th…. [Evelyn Observer 11-08-1886]

References: The Argus 03-08-1868; 05-08-1868; Evelyn Observer 11-08-1886; LDHS files; Upton family tree.

Vasey, Jessie Mary and George Halbert

Jessie Vasey

Burial Register Details:
Previous No. Current No. Date Name Age Section Lot Note
6145 9-11-1959 Vasey, George Halbert 34 CE4 49  –
6623 6605 27-09-1966 Vasey, Jessie Mary P CE4 18/45 Purchase
6605 6623 27-09-1966 Vasey, Jessie Mary 68 CE4 18  –

In Loving Memory of / Jessie Mary Vasey C.B.E. / Born 1897 – Died 1966 / Wife of Maj. Gen. G.A.Vasey / mother of George & Robert / founded War Widows Guild 1945 / strong in will / to strive, to seek, to find / and not to yield

Notes: Jessie son Geroge is buried nearby although he is mentioned on her headstone.
 10411 (14-20)


Jessie Mary Halbert was born at Roma, Queensland on October 19th 1897. When the family moved to Victoria she attended Lauriston Girls’ School until 1913 before becoming a weekly boarder at the Methodist Ladies’ College, Kew. While living at Kew she met her future husband, George Alan Vasey and the couple were married in May 1921 and had two children, George and Robert. Jessie died in 1966 on the way home from a holiday in Cairns and after a service in the Toorak Presbyterian Church; she was buried at Lilydale beside her son George. [Melba and Other Amazing Women pg13 and 14]

George Halbert Vasey

No information.

References: Melba and Other Amazing Women, Lorraine Smith.

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