Suffrage Signatories – Lilydale

The following names are recorded as signatories to the Suffrage petition of 1891 in Lilydale.


Allan, Agnes
Alway, M
Alway, S. M.
Anderson, Janet
Arnott, Mrs
Arnott, A. Mrs
Arnott, G. Mrs
Atkinson, Mrs
Axford, E 


Baker, E

An Annie Elizabeth Smith (b. Birmingham) married 1884 Charles Baker (b. Doncaster). Annie Elizabeth & Charles Baker had three children at Lilydale – Henry George b 1884, Elizabeth Agnes b. 1886 & Louisa b. 1888. Info from BDM Indexes.

Balding, Annie

Annie Simmie (various spellings) b. Perthshire married 1870 Alfred Balding, They had many children born & died in Elmore/Shepparton area then in 1891 a daughter Janet Louisa is born at Lilydale. Annie died aged 39 yrs at Lilydale and is buried at the Lilydale Cemetery. (BDM indexes MM and Cemetery records ST)

Barton, Daisy
Bavis, Maria
Beer, L
Bennett, Mrs
Blackburn, E

Bleucowe, J, Mrs

This should read Blencowe, J. Mrs. (MM)

Bolitho, Mary
Bowker, Annie
Briers, Mrs
Broughton, Ellen

Brunning, M.A

Mary Ann Cooper married 1878 Charles Brunning. They apparently lived in Lilydale where nine children were born to them. Four of these children later died in Lilydale. (BDM).

Burgess, Mary Alice

Burton, G. Mrs

Elizabeth Jane Burton (nee Stiggants) was the wife of George Alfred Burton, Lilydale coach builder whose business was operated by his two sons as Burton Bros. The couple had nine children – four sons and five daughters. George passed away in 1904 and Elizabeth on November 3, 1908.


Campbell, Mrs

Mary Eliza O’Meara married 1877 James Campbell. Mary Eliza was born in Collingwood, & James was born in Scotland. They married at the home of Victoria Pd Coll at the home of by minister. James was working for David Mitchell on the Exhibition Buildings probably as a carter. Their first child Mary Ann (later Mrs Edwin Williams) was born at the Lying In hospital Carlton (later the Women’s Hospital). Mary Eliza & James had another seven daughters and one son all born at Lilydale, James continued to work for David Mitchell at Cave Hill.

They lived on the corner of John & William St facing the viaduct. Mary Eliza was able to go to accidents to help with the injuries, especially with the railway line came to Lilydale. Mary Eliza also helped her neighbour at the rear of her home, Fitz Wenke, when he and the house were burnt, it is reported in the Express that Mrs Campbell helped take up a collection to help the family. All the Campbell children attended Lilydale Elementary school and some stayed in the town after marriage. Mary & James died in Lilydale and are buried in the Presbyterian section at Lilydale cemetery. (MM)McBain. Clegg, Agnes A

Agnes Anderson Martin (1851-1933), married 1875 Enoch Clegg, they had five children born Fitzroy area. In 1885 one died at Lilydale and another child born to them at Lilydale in 1888.

At least some of the Cleggs attended Lilydale Baptist Church, as did a number of the Leaches and the Mortomores. James and Susan Leach by then were (I think) attending the Croydon Church of Christ, known at that time as the Disciples of Christ.

The Lilydale Baptist minutes book records the receipt of a letter from Mr E. Clegg (probably Enoch Clegg 1856-1933), explaining his financial difficulties and his intention of moving to W.A. in search of employment; and a later letter (25 April 1897) requesting transfer of his membership to the Fremantle Church of Christ.

This was the same church that James Leach and his family joined. Mrs E. Clegg followed him to Fremantle later that year. After retirement, Enoch and Agnes Clegg eventually returned to Victoria. Info BDM. (MM) and Leach family.

Clements, M. Mrs

This could be Mary (Pearce) Clements. Lenard Edward Clements died at Lilydale in 1894 aged twelve days. Harold Leslie Clements died at Lilydale in 1889 aged nine weeks. Parents of Lenard and Harold were Mark William and Mary (Pearce) Clements. Info BDM. (MM)

Cook, Mrs

More information needed to know which Mrs Cook this is. See information in Cook, C and Cook, E.L. Info BDM. (MM)

Cook, C

Could be Charlotte Clayton (born Vic) who married in 1883 John Joseph (sometimes listed as John James) Cook (born England). John and Charlotte had children born at Lilydale 1884, 1891 1892, and at Richmond 1900, a daughter died at Lilydale 1893 aged four years. Info BDM. (MM)

Cook, E. I.

Cook, E. I., was Elizabeth Isabella Cook (nee Daniels). Her birth was not registered but she is probably the daughter of John Daniels and Nancy Thompson. John, born 1827 in Canterbury, England, declared abandoned aged 12 and sentenced to transportation for 7 years to Van Diemans Land as a 14 year old by the Kent Quarter Sessions in 1841 for stealing a blacksmith’s cast iron cooking pot.

He arrived in Hobart on the Lord Goderich (190 of the 196 convicts on the voyage were under 18 years). John was made â%u20AC%u0153Free by Servitudeâ%u20AC and loaded onto the ship Vixen from Launceston on April 28, 1852 to Melbourne. Shortly after he met Nancy Thompson, 14 years old, who landed in Melbourne from Ireland on the ship Wanata in October 1852 with 2 older brothers, Andrew 20 and John 16 and a sister, Elizabeth 18.

Elizabeth Isabella was born in 1853. Clunes was given as the birth place on her death certificate; Sydney given as her birth place on her marriage certificate; another possibility is the Sydney Flat Goldfield (now Woodvale), near Bendigo. She married Conroyd Cook (born Konrad Koch in Simtshausen, Germanic Landgraviate of Hesse-Kassel in 1844) at Echuca on April 11, 1873. Conroyd was a â%u20AC%u0153top dogâ%u20AC pit-sawyer (the one on top of the log with a cross-cut saw) and worked for C.& E. Millar and Company who built railways around Australia. Elizabeth and Conroyd had 11 children, 6 survived to adulthood.

They lived in Echuca (Henry Conroyd, born 1874 and died 1875, Henry Conroyd, born 1876 and Esther Christina Caroline, born 1878), Mooroopna (Alice Sarah Ellen, born 1880), Mathoura (NSW; Henry John Mitchell, born there October 13, 1882), Mosquito Creek (SA; James Robert Thomas, born there 2nd July 1885), Pimpinio (Victoria; James Robert Thomas, died there in 1886, aged 1) and Torbay, Western Australia (Louise Mary Isabella born there in 1887).

The family travelled across the Nullabor and back in bullock drays settling in Lilydale about 1888 (Florence Mary Ernestine, born 1889, Eda Ruby Pearl, born 1891, Hessie Augusta Frances, born 1893, died 1894 and Hessie Elizabeth, born and died 1895, all in Lilydale). Conroyd is credited with sawing the railway sleepers for the Hawthorn to Lilydale Railway which was built by the Millar Brothers between 1881 and 1882. Elizabeth Isabella died at her house â%u20AC%u0153The Evergreensâ%u20AC, Anderson Street, Lilydale on September 25, 1931. Their house site is now part of the Yarra Valley Shopping Centre car park. (JS)


Dallas, Mas U

This is probably Mary Ann Harvey who in 1880 married John Alexander Dallas. John Alexander Dallas aged 60 yrs died at Lilydale 1888. Info BDM. (MM)

Darragh, Janet

A Jane Sharp Darragh was born Lilydale 1890 and John Darragh born Lilydale 1892, children of John and Janet (Rae) Darragh. Info BDM. (MM)

Dauborn, C

This is probably Dawborn.

Davidson, Mrs
Davies, E
Dennehy, Debrah
Dodd, Eliza
Donnehy, M.A.
Douthie, Mrs 


Earl, M.J.


Fisher, E
Fuller, E.E
Fulton, M


Gardner, Maud
Geiger, K

Gilson, Mrs

A Margaret McCormack (born Sydney) married in 1869 Charles (Barnet) Gilson. Margaret and Charles had children born at Richmond between 1871 and 1885 and one son William born at Lilydale 1875. William Gilson married 1897 Elizth Hetta Bentley, they had a daughter Kath Elizth Gilson born Lilydale 1899 and died in 1900 at East Melbourne only months of age. Margaret (McCormack) Gilson died at Lilydale 1914 aged 69 years. Charles Gilson (son of Charles Barnet Gilson and mother name unknown died at Richmond 1890 aged 46 years. (MM)

Goodall, J. Mrs
Gordon, Lizzie
Gray, W


Hamblin, Elizabeth F
Hamilton, Mrs

Hana, Georgina

This entry should read Hand, Georgina. Elizabeth Georgina Hand was born at Lilydale in 1870, daughter of Alfred & Jennie/Jeanie (Plain) Hand. Info BDM. (MM)

Harman, Grace

Grace Harman (1870-1935) of Main Street, Lilydale, was a daughter of Robert and Ann Harman, nee Williams, born in Lilydale, and a sister of Susan Leach nee Harman. In 1893 she married George Podger (1870-1936). She’d have been about 21 when she added her signature to the petition. She is buried in WA. (p. 675, line 11) Info Leach family.

Heely, M
Hicks, E
Hill, C
Hill, Johanna
Hill, W. Mrs
Holter, Y. Mrs
Howard, A
Hughes, L
Hunt, Maggie
Hussey, W. Mrs
Huston, Mrs
Hutchinson, M
Hutchinson, S.E
Hyne, J

This is probably Frances Jane Ina Hyne, eldest child of Henry and Frances (nee Allen) Hyne born 1866 at Queenstown (now St Andrews) Victoria. The Hyne family moved to Lilydale between 1870 and 1872. She died in Lilydale in 1928, aged 62. (JS)


Johnston, A 

Jones, F.A

Florence Annie Beresford was born at Brighton in 1863, one of the seven surviving of the 12 children born to David Henry and Mary Anne (Bower) Beresford. Florence Annie Beresford married in 1882 to John Clark Cunliffe Jones. John Clark Cunliffe Jones was born in Richmond in 1859 son of John Clark & Mary (Cunliffe) Jones. Florence Annie & John Clark Cunliffe Jones had five children: Florence May 1884 Richmond; Ernest Beresford 1886 Lilydale; John Clark 1888 Lilydale; Henry Roy Cunliffe 1890 Lilydale and Beatrice 1892 Lilydale. JCC Jones had a Chemist Shop in Lilydale. Beresford, his brother-in-law took over the chemist shop after Jones. Florence Annie Jones was President of the WCTU, from address on Petition and became the Victorian President, a position she held for many years. Info BDM & LHS. Complete Beresford-Jones research – Potions and Passions Lilydale’s first chemists by Sue Thompson is available at the Old Lilydale Court House. (MM ST)

Joyner, Sophie 

Sophie Joyner was born Sophie Sebire in 1854 in Collingwood and was the only child of the first marriage of Henry Sebire to Sophie Renouf, who died in 1855. Henry married Martha Rihoy in 1856 and the family moved to Wandin and developed a farm around 1867 and built their house Mont de Lancey. Sophie married George Dixon Joyner in 1889 and they lived in Lilydale. They later moved to New Zealand where she died in 1931. (JS)


Kay, M.J
Kearney, L
Keenan, Mrs
Kilpatrick, Maggie
Kimberley, Mrs
Kimberley, Mrs


Laugher, A

Lepage, Agnes (should be Le Page, Agnes)

Le Page, Agnes, was born Agnes Murphy in 1858 at Mt. Ararat, Victoria to Benjamin and Ann (nee McDonald) Murphy and married James Le Page, born Collingwood, son of John and Betsy (nee Sebire) Le Page in 1885. She died in Geelong in 1903, aged 44. (JS)

Le Page, Betsy

Betsy Le Page was born Betsey Sebire, daughter of Daniel Sebire and his wife Betsey (Roussel) in The Vale, Guernsey, Channel Islands in 1830. She married John Le Page in St. Sampson, Guernsey, Channel Islands on 12 October 1851. They migrated to Melbourne on the ship Joshua which left Plymouth, England on 5th November 1851 and arrived on 30th January 1852. She was the sister of Daniel, James and Peter Sebire who arrived in 1853 and Henry and Joshua who arrived in 1854. John Le Page was the brother of Mary Gaudion and Susan Rouget who also travelled on the ship Joshua. Betsy was a cousin of William Joseph Sebire (see Mrs W Sebire, below) of Lilydale and Henry Sebire of Wandin. (JS)

Le Page, J

Jane Le Page was born at Lilydale 1868 and was the daughter of John and Betsy (Sebire) Le Page; see above. She married James Andrew Brown in 1910. James was born in Yering in 1863, son of George and Ellen (Gray) Brown and he died at Lilydale in 1950, aged 86. Jane died in Kew in 1944, aged 75. (JS)

Leach, L

Louisa Leach of Albert Hill (Lilydale), nee Boucher (ca 1855-1932), had married Thomas Leach (1861-1924) in 1882. Originally named Sarah, she seems to have adopted Louisa as her name. Believed to have been born in Sandhurst, Vic, she was the daughter of Joseph and Eliza Boucher, nee Marsh, and was aged about 36 in 1891. She and Thomas were members of the Lilydale Baptist Church, and are buried in the old Lilydale Cemetery. (p. 678, line 32) Info Leach family.

Leach, S

Susan Leach nee Harman (1863-1918) had married James Leach (1859-1921) in 1887. She was one of the six daughters of Robert and Ann Harman, nee Williams, and was born in Lilydale. She’d have been 28 in 1891. She and James lived in Victoria Road, Lilydale and attended the Croydon Church of Christ, known at that time as the Disciples of Christ. In the late 1890s the family moved to Fremantle to escape the deep economic recession gripping the eastern states – James going first, followed some months later by Susan and children. James and Susan had six children, and are buried in the Fremantle Cemetery. Susan’s father, Robert Harman (1839-1924) was sometime licensee of the Crown Hotel, a member of the Lilydale School Committee and of the Lilydale Cricket Club, and he owned property in Wandin Yallock. (p. 678, line 35) Info Leach family.

Liddey, Mrs
Lithgow, A.J
Lithgow, M


McLeay, E
Madill, Elizabeth
Madison, James, Mrs
Martin, F. Mrs
Mason, Frances
Mason, G. Mrs
Mason, Grace
McCabe, L
McCord, M (Castella St)

Margaret Sullivan, born about 1852 (father Henry Sullivan and mother Frances Texada) married (in Victoria) John Crawford McCord, born Kerry about 1845. John McCord was a Church of England minister and they lived at the Parsonage, Lilydale. Four children Charles Texade (1877), Percy Albert (1879), Arthur Presley (born 14th September 1880 at the Parsonage, Lilydale but died at St. Lukes Parsonage, Emerald Hill on December 22, 1881, aged 15 months and eight days; the McCords address on the Argus death notice was Wellington, Springvale) and Ernest George Gordon (1885) were born in Lilydale, but a daughter Edith Ella was born in 1884 in Inve (the usual abbreviation for Inverleigh near Geelong).

John Crawford McCord died in 1890 at Box Hill, aged 45. Margaret (nee Sullivan) McCord died at Heidelberg on the 1st August 1932, aged 82. The Argus death notice was “McCord.- On the 1st August, at Melbourne, Margaret, beloved wife of the late John McCord, of Lilydale, beloved mother of Charles (Yarram), Percy (America), Edith, Ernest (deceased), and Daisy, aged 83 years.-At rest.” (JS)

McKean, M.A
McNab, M
Mitchell, Mrs (Main St)
Morley, Eliza (Bellevue)
Morris, Mrs
Morris, Mrs (Main St)
Morris, M.A
Mortimore, C (Main St)

Caroline Eliza Mortomore, nee Alway (ca 1865-1931) was the daughter of Robert and Mary Eliza Alway, nee Wilson. In 1886 she married Charles Mortomore (1864-1943), who had been born at Brushy Creek. Caroline and Charles Mortomore were members of the Lilydale Baptist Church. They had five children: Charles Robert (1887-1917), Florence Ethel (1890-1931), Robert Alway MM (1892-1917), Leonard Harold (1894-1965), and Cyril Ernest (1902-74), plus two adopted daughters, Amy and Mavis. (p. 678, line 19) Info Leach family.

Mortomore, Mrs

Sarah Mortomore, nee Shaw (1825-1903), was aged about 66 in 1891. Born in Thurlby, Lincolnshire, she was the daughter of John and Mary Shaw, nee Williamson, who were Baptists; and she later became a member of the Lilydale Baptist Church. She had first married Robert Jarvis (1849), then John Leach (1854), and lastly William Henry Mortomore, a Lilydale brickmaker (1863). By her second marriage she was the mother of James, Thomas and Henry Leach; and she and William Mortomore had a further three children: Charles (1864-1943), Sarah (1865-1936) and Martin (1867-1942). Martin and his descendants spell their surname ‘Mortimore.’ At the time of her death in 1903, Sarah, aged 77, was living in Cave Hill Road, Lilydale; and she is buried in the old Lilydale Cemetery. Her husband William Henry Mortomore (son of Wm Henry and Eva Mortomore nee Talbot) died at Lilydale in 1910 aged 79 years. (p. 679, line 10) Info Leach family.

Mortomore, S

Sarah Mortomore (1865-1936) was born in Lilydale, the daughter of William and Sarah Mortomore, nee Shaw. A life-long spinster, she kept house for her half-brother, Harry Leach, who lived over his grocery shop in Main Street. She joined the Lilydale Baptist Church in 1881; and she’d have been 26 in 1891. Like her half-brother Harry Leach, who never married, she is buried in the old Lilydale Cemetery. She, and one other signatory wrote ‘Lily Dale,’ while everyone else wrote ‘Lilydale.’ (p. 678, line 33) Info Leach family.

Murnhan, B


Nixon, Mrs Nottle, E


Olater, J. Mrs

Should be Slater see Slater

Oliver, J
Oliver, Joanna L
Oliver, Thos Mrs


Parr, Fanny (Castella St)
Parr, J
Paul, A
Pearl, K
Pennin, C (Main St)

This is probably Perrin, C.
Could be Cecilia Spence who with her husband Henry Perrin had a daughter Cecilia Sarah Perrin born at Lilydale 1869 who later married 1887 William Headley Thomas. Also a son of Cecilia and Henry Perrin, Charles Andrew Perrin (born Lilydale) died aged 35 years in 1887. Henry Perrin aged 62 years died at Lilydale in 1886, son of Harriet (Palmer) and Henry Perrin. Cecilia Perrin died at Lilydale aged 64 years in 1893, daughter of Elizabeth (Goldsmith) and William Spence. (BDM MM)

Perrin, H.W. Mrs

Could this be Mrs F.W. Perrin (Fredrick Walter Perrin). Fredrick Walter Perrin (born London) married 1877, Ellen Matilda Atkinson (born Collingwood). They had children born at Lilydale between 1878 and 1898. (BDM MM)

Plain, Mary (Main St)

George Plain (born Glasgow) married 1883 Mary Anderson. George & Mary had one child, Jeanett Mary born Lilydale 1886. Info BDM.

Poyner, Mrs (The Oaks)


Redmond, H (Charmont)
Reeves, J. Mrs
Roberts, M.L
Rodgers, S.A

Roe, Lavainia

Lavinia Roe, born Inglewood, 1871, niece of Eliza (Goodger) Williams and Mary (Goodger) Shaw, both Lilydale residents and signatures on Petition. Lavinia left Victoria for Tasmania and married George Rice, she died 1962 in Tasmania and her descedants are in touch with other Goodger family members in Victoria and NSW. (MM).


Salkeld, F
Sayors, P. Mrs

No Sayors in BDM.

This could be SAYERS, MRS P.
A Phoebe Collinson married 1889 John Sayers (born England).

Scanlan, S. Mrs

This could be Sarah Scanlon (born Riddles Creek), who married in 1884, Bartholemew Scanlon (born Riddles Creek). Info BDM.

Scott, Mary

Sebire, W. Mrs

Mrs W Sebire was Mrs William Joseph Sebire, born Mary Ann Rihoy on Guernsey, Channel Islands on 18th September 1852 and migrated with her parents Jean (John) and Susanne (nee Corbet) Rihoy on the ship Navarino to Adelaide in 1854. She married William Joseph Sebire on the 28th July 1874 at Emerald Hill (now South Melbourne). Their house was at the corner of Cave Hill Road and John Street. She died there on November 27, 1926. (JS)

Sharp, A

Shaw, M, Mrs

Mary (Goodger) Shaw was born in Inglewood, sister of Eliza (Goodger) Williams. Mary married Aaron Shaw and with her daughter May lived in Lilydale. Her occupation in rate books given as laundress. Aaron died and is buried at Lilydale next to John & Eliza Williams. Mary and her father William Goodger returned to Inglewood in 1902 where he later died. Info from Myrna McBain.

Sherlock, M.A

This entry should read Sherlock M. not Sherlock M.A. (MM)
Mary Ellen Ahern (born Lilydale 1867, daughter of Eliz Brice and Maurice Ahern) married in 1887 William Sherlock (born Nunawading). Mary and William Sherlock had twelve children born at Lilydale between 1888 and 1908 with two of these children dieing as infants. Info BDM (MM)

Simpson, E 

Olater, J. Mrs

A Jane Maria Price (born Lilydale 1869) married 1891 James Slater (born Lilydale 1870). Jane and James had a daughter Elenor Mary Slater born Lilydale 1891. Parents of Jane Maria: John and Ellen (Spencer) Price, they had other children born Ballarat, Marysville and then Jane Maria at Lilydale. Info BDM.

Smith, Elizabeth Kerr (Albert Hill)
Stephenson, Mrs
Strachan, M.A

Supple, Mary

It is difficult to know which Mary Supple this is.
Mary O’Keefe married in 1862 William Supple, they had children born Melbourne and Lilydale between 1865 and 1873 including a daughter named Mary born at Lilydale in 1871. (BDM MM)
Mary Supple born Yering 1866 daughter of Isabella (Younger) and Michael Supple. (BDM MM)


Thomas, L.J (Main St) 

Tooley, M.A (John St)

Mary Ann Douthie married 1883 to Jacob Tooley, they had children born in the Lilydale area. (BDM MM)


Wardell, H. Mrs

Could this be Jane Burton who married in 1884 Henry Wardell?

Waters, Annie M

Annie Guilfoyle was born about 1844-1846 in Dublin Ireland. Her parents were Michael Guilfoyle, cab proprietor and Kate McLaughlin. On August 30, 1861 Annie arrived in Melbourne from Southampton on the vessel Atlanta. She was 18 years old and her occupation was house maid. (PROV Passenger Lists)

On November 18, 1867 Annie married William Waters, aged 22 and living in Moorabol, Geelong. William Waters was born on December 19, 1844 at Wexford, Ireland. After his arrival in Victoria William Waters joined the Victorian police force on August 16, 1867. At the time of his enlistment his occupation was a labourer.

They had 12 children: Maria who died soon after birth; Francis William (1869-1915); Edith Rayner (1871-1950); Ernest Henry (1873-1952); William (1874 – 1964); Oswald Joseph (Joe) (1876-1969); Andrew Lascelles (Drew) (1878-1969); Clive Guilfoyle (1880-1958); Edwin (1881-1891) drowned at Lilydale; Harry August (1883-1926); Charles George Gordon (1885-1891) drowned at Lilydale; and Annie Lily (Lily) (1888-1972).

William Waters rose rapidly through the ranks and was a Sergeant by the time he arrived with his family of 10 children to run the Lilydale Police Station on August 9, 1887. Sadly, the family’s years in Lilydale were marred with the tragic drowning of two of their sons on Christmas morning 1891. Sgt Waters was promoted and left the district on January 17, 1893.

Annie Waters died in 1919 and William in August 26, 1924 and are buried at the Coburg Cemetery as are their young sons.
Information supplied by the Waters family.
Sources: Passenger List; Marriage; Death; Victoria, Australia, Assisted Passenger Lists; Australia Marriage Index 1867/4333; Australian Death Index 1919/6196 and the Australian Electoral Roll.

Wenke, Lena M

Lena Mary Wenker born Lilydale 1872, daughter of Julia Matilda (Cooney) and John Frederick (known as Fritz) Wenker. John Frederick was born in Berne, Switzerland and Julia Matilda was his second marriage, his first wife Jan McQueen (Cooney) died aged 21 years in 1870. Lena grew up in John Street, Lilydale behind the Campbell home, and had her photo taken with Mrs Mary Eliza Campbell and four of her children. Lena married in 1900 James Seves Hosie and they had a daughter born at Fitzroy South. (BDM MM)

Weslile, Edith

This should be Wesble, Edith.
Edith Askew married in 1888 to William Wesble and they had children born at Lilydale between 1889 and 1894. (BDM MM)

Westacott, A. Mrs Westacott, Harriet

Westacott Harriet Hon. Sec. WCTU Lilydale. From address on petition.

White, G. Miss

Williams, A.M.

Ann Maria Clayton (born Eltham 1856) married in 1876 Thomas Williams at the Methodist Church Lilydale. Thomas was Pound Keeper for Lilydale at one time and had butcher shops in the town and at Cave Hill. The family left Lilydale and settled in Western Australia during the depression of the 1890s. They had four children born at Lilydale: Emily Martha born 1877, Thomas Percy born 1879, Vincent Alvira (known as Alvira) born 1886 and Eva Eliza born 1888. This family kept in contact by mail with Lilydale Williams families. From Express 2.10.1896 â%u20AC“ Lilydale Butcher Co, at Corner shop previously T. Williams shop. Express 26.1.1900 â%u20AC“ JJ Campionâ%u20AC%u2122s Boot shop formerly occupied by T. Williams. Express 9.6.1900 â%u20AC“ T. Williams arrived in Lilydale from W.A. for a few days. Bob Williams, son of Alvira came to Melbourne at the end of WW2 on his way back to WA after serving in the Islands and visited most of his relatives in Lilydale and elsewhere. Sister-in-law of Edwin Williams, grandfather of Myrna McBain.

Williams, Eliza (Clark St)

Eliza Williams signed the Petition with her mark.

Eliza Goodyer born in Winslow, Buckinghamshire, England came to Australia with her parents and siblings aboard the Duchess of Northumberland arriving in 1849. The family lived in Richmond for some time and then followed the gold rush to places such as Vaughan and finally settled in Inglewood. Eliza married in 1852 at St Stephens Church of England at Richmond to John Williams. John Williams had worked for Robert Hoddle during surveys probably of the Yarra River. (Robert Hoddle kept his horses at what is still called today Survey Paddock at Richmond.) Eliza and John Williams were one of the first six families to settle in Lilydale, they had lived at Brushy Creek prior to this. Eliza and John had ten children, many of whom married local Lilydale people (Campbell, Le Page, Poyner, Nottingham, Keenan, Clayton). Ellen and Thomas Williams, eldest children of Eliza and John Williams, listed in State School Book with proposed attendees of new school.

After her husband died in April 1897 Eliza went to WA where most of her children had gone during the depression years, with one son George leaving Australia and fighting in the Boer War and then settled in Canada where he married and named his children after the family in Australia, the families corresponded for years. Eliza stayed for a few years before coming back to Victoria and staying with different family members and she died at her daughter Martha James home at Elsternwick in September 1919. It is believed that she was brought to Lilydale cemetery in a black horse-drawn hearse with plumes etc. Some of her children and great-grandchildren are buried at Lilydale. Eliza and her sister Mary Shaw are listed as Laundress in Lilydale rate books (they took in washing in the creek), Eliza also delivered a lot of the babies born around Lilydale and was proud of the fact that she didnâ%u20AC%u2122t lose a mother or baby. John Williams had been verger at St Johns Church of England for many years (he rang the bell) before his death. Eliza Williams was Great-Grandmother of Myrna McBain. (MM)

Williams, Ellen (Hardie St)

This could be Ellen Frances Henderson who married in 1859 to Frederick John Williams, they had children born Richmond, Collingwood, Carlton and YARR, and six born at Lilydale, 1865, 1869, 1871, 1872, 1874, 1876. Nothing more known of this family. A Frederick John Williams died aged 60 years in 1888 at Brunswick. Info BDM.

Williams, M

This is signed M I or J Williams. Mary Jane Keenan married William Henry Williams in 1890. Wm Hy Williams was the son of John & Eliza (Goodyer) Williams. Mary and William Williams marriage is included in â%u20AC%u0153Vine and Branchesâ%u20AC, story of St Patrickâ%u20AC%u2122s Catholic Church Lilydale, he was the only one of the Williams children to marry in the Catholic Church. They had one son born Lilydale 1891, Percy Roger Vincent Williams. This family left Lilydale and went to Western Australia during the depression of the 1890s. Mary and William returned to Lilydale and then moved to Richmond until their deaths. Mary and William Williams were at Lilydale for the Celebrations in 1931. Percy married in WA enlisted in WW1, they had a daughter and also returned to Lilydale for a while. Mary Jane was sister-in-law of Edwin Williams, grandfather of Myrna McBain. (MM)

Wilson, C
Wilson, C
Wilson, E
Wilson, Matilda (Main St)
MM – Myrna McBain
LHS – Lilydale & District Historical Society
The Leach Family
The Waters Family

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