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Throughout its history, the society has endeavoured to produce publications about historical events and places to foster and interest in our history and also generate income for continued research and new publications. Below is the list and year of publications presently available.

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One Hundred years of Witness - Lilydale Baptist Church Centenary
, C.E. Gray ISBN 0 9594036 1 2. .50c.
The history of the Lilydale Baptist Church.

The Naming of Lilydale, Leigh Blackburn, 1987, ISBN 0 947261 0 1. $1.00.
Leigh Blackburn discovered there are several versions on how Lilydale was named.

Prosperity & Progress (1889 - 1989) The History of the former Shire of Lillydale Offices, Sue Thompson, 1989, ISBN 0 947261 04 4. $5.00.
Published to celebrate the centenary of the building this book traces the history of the building, the establishment of the Shire of Lillydale and the personalities of the shire staff and councillors.

Our History Our Heritage Walk, Sue Thompson, Sandy Ross, Lyn Wales, 1995, ISBN 0 947261 09 5. $2.00.
Walk around Lilydale and see the buildings of today featured side-by-side with those of the past.

Bricks by the Million A Brief History of Lilydale's Brick Making Industry, Sandy Ross, 1995, ISBN 0 947261 10 9. $2.00.
Lilydale boasted several clay pits which produced bricks and pipes for local and Melbourne buildings and projects.

A Walk Back In Time, Sue Thompson, Myrna McBain, 1997, ISBN 0 947261 11 7. $5.00.
This small book lets locals and visitors walk and learn about the history of Lilydale's buildings and features at their leisure. 

Lilydale Band Rotunda A Lilydale Landmark, Sue Thompson 1997, ISBN 0 947261 12 5. $3.50.
From the early 1900s to the 1960s, Lilydale's landmark band rotunda in the heart of Main Street was a key feature. Now re-built at Lilydale Memorial Park, the rotunda is a reflection of an era now past.

Reminiscences of Life Notes and memories of Lilydale residents, edited by Sue Thompson & Myrna McBain 2003, ISBN No.0-947261-22-2. $14.50.
Residents of the 1920s and 1930s were invited to write about their day to day lives.

Reminiscences of Life Notes and memories of Lilydale residents Volume 2, Ruby Kwijas & Sue Thompson 2012, ISBN 978-0-947261-25-2. $12.00.
inspired by our first volume, other residents came forward to write their own personal stories.

30 Years of History, (1971-2001) Compiled by Sandy Ross. $3.00.
This publication records some of the highlights of our society's history in the its first 30 years.

What's behind the name, 2005 by Sandy Ross. ISBN 0-947261-23-0. $7.00
This book was produced after the society received so many inquiries about our street names. Sandy has carefully researched the people who gave their names to our streets.

The Growing History of Lilydale's Trees compiled by Sand Ross. ISBN 0-947261-15-X. $5.00
Thanks to the efforts of our forebears and their annual Arbor Days, Lilydale township has magnificent trees along its major roads. Sandy has carefully researched and recorded when each street was planted. Today, we use this book and the size of the trees to help us date photographs.

The Foundation of the Lilydale Fire Brigade, 1987 by Pauline Phillips. ISBN 0-947261-00-1. $1.50.
We all take our local CFA from granted but the establishment of Lilydale's brigade was a real battle as re-told by Pauline Phillips.

Lilydale Icon A History of Lilydale's Athenaeum Building,  AJ McAleer $20.00 set of 3 volumes.
Volume 1: 1888 - 1919,  2005 ISBN 0-9578915-8-X.
Volume 2: 1920 - 1959, 2005 ISBN 0-9578945-7-1.
Volume 3: 1960 - 2002,  2005 ISBN 0-9578915-6-3.

Eileen Finlay's Caravan Passes Again A biography and collection of miniatures of the life, Sue Thompson,2005, ISBN 0-9581358-4-3. $10.00.
A popular author in the late 1940s and 1950s, Eileen Finlay nee Moroney grew up in Lilydale and this book includes her family history, photos loaned by the family and stories about people and places in Lilydale.

Lilydale Primary School No 876 Pupil's Register from January 1905 to February 1964. $15.00.
A valuable primary source for families wanting to trace members whose children grew up in Lilydale.

Lilydale Cemetery publications

A Tour of the Lilydale Cemetery 1861 - 1994 Volume 1, Sandy Ross 1995, ISBN 0 947261 08 7. $3.00.
This booklet gives a brief history of the development of the cemetery and features some of the locals buried there.

Lilydale Cemetery Tours Volume 2,
Ruby Kwijas & Keith Lithgow. $3.00.
More of the pioneers of the district are featured in this booklet.

Lillydale Cemetery Tours Volume 3,
Ruby Kwijas & Keith Lithgow. $3.00
Other pioneers are included in this booklet.

Lilydale Cemetery Tours Melba & Other Amazing Women, Lorraine Smith $3.00.
Lorraine tells the stories of some of the women buried at Lilydale Cemetery, including Dame Nellie Melba.

Lilydale Cemetery Tours Melba & Her Mates, Keith Lithgow $3.00.
Although Melba was an international star she never forgot her home town of Coldstream and the people of the district. Some are featured in this booklet.

No Tombstones Unmarked Graves at Lilydale Cemetery
, Sue Thompson, Lorraine Smith, Val Sheehan and Myrna McBain, 1998, 0 947261 13 3. .50c.
Many of our pioneers lay in unmarked graves and this booklet highlights just a handful of those families.

The Growing History of Lilydale Trees, Sandy Ross, 1999, ISBN 0 947261 15 X. $2.00.
Arbor Days attended by the all the community from the 1890s created Lilydale's famed tree-lined streets. From the records, the society has dated the trees and just as importantly we can use the trees to date many of our photographs.

Dame Nellie Melba

Melba Lilydale Queen of Song
, Sue Thompson 1990, ISBN 0 947261 05 2. $1.00.
A small booklet about the district's famous international opera singer Dame Nellie Melba.

Melba: Important Dates of her Life, Sue Thompson and Wanda McPherson, 2000, ISBN 0 947261 16 8. $2.00.
Only a small booklet this took many years of research to compile the key events in Melba's life. Includes role images and a list of Melba's 22 operas and roles.

Melba: A Family Memoir, Pamela Vestey Reprint 2000 ISBN 0 6464 392 77 8 $20.00.
As Melba's only grandchild, Pamela Vestey was uniquely placed to write this beautiful book about her famous grandmother. The hardcover book includes lots of images held by Melba's family and her letters to her family.

Melba: Australia's Greatest Daughter CD-ROM, $5.00.
Produced by Swinburne University for the society this computer CD tells the story of Melba's life and is aimed at primary and secondary students.

Teachers' kit and student activity sheets ISBN 0-947261-20-6, 0-947261-21-4, 0-947261-19-2. $12.00.
The companion to the Melba CD, the activity sheets help teachers guide their students studying one of our nation's greatest artists.

David Mitchell a Forfar Man, 1992 by Pamela Vestey. ISBN 0-646-10497-7. $10.00.
Pamela Vestey's first book and the only book published about Melba's entrepreneurial father David Mitchell. What Melba did for music David Mitchell did for the development of Victoria's industry and agriculture from the 1850s to the 1920s. This has been reprinted three times.

Melba Pays Homage to the Belgians, Sue Thompson, $5.00.
Melba made her operatic debut in Brussels in 1887 and never forgot the support the Belgians gave her throughout her life.
Nellie Melba CD Aria & Song 1904 - 1921,
double CD ISBN 9-319388-200362. $30.00.
Produced by the National Sound Archives, Canberra these CDs feature many of Melba's important recordings.

A Diva's Day Out Nellie Melba's Return to Lilydale November 8, 1902, Sue Thompson, 2002 ISBN 0-9581358-1-9. $5.00.
When Melba returned to Australia in 1902 after a 16 year absence, she was treated like a pop star and Lilydale, where she had spent holidays laid out the red carpet as only country people could. This book records that welcome home through the eyes of the local, state and national media.

Coldstream, Gruyere, Yering and Killara

As It Happened  - The History of Coldstream, Gruyere, Yering and Killara, Volume 1 Settlement to 1900
, Val Sheehan 2001, ISBN 0-947261-17-6. $30.00
Val Sheehan spent many years scouring the Lilydale Express newspaper and other newspapers gathering articles for this book which are reproduced in full in each volume. This volume covers from the first settlement at Yering through to 1900.

As It Happened - The History of Coldstream, Gruyere, Yering and Killara, Volume 2 1900 to 1920,
2003 ISBN 0-947261-23-0. $30.00.
This volume features the years 1900 to 1920. A must for social historians wanting to read about descriptions of work, weddings, funerals, accidents and day to day happenings.

As it Happened  - The History of Coldstream, Gruyere, Yering and Killara, Volume 3, 1920 to 1940, Volume 3 ISBN 0-947261-24-9. $30.00.
Volume 3 covers from 1920 to 1940 and included the Depression and its effects and the outbreak of World War II.

As it Happened  - The History of Coldstream, Gruyere, Yering and Killara, Volume 4, 1941 to 1960. Val Sheehan, 2017. 2 parts ISBN 978-0-947261-01-6 and 978-0-0947261-02-3. $30.00 for both.


A History of Montrose Street Names,
Jeanette M Dodson. $5.00.
A must for Montrose residents who want to know the origin of their street's name.

Montrose Pioneer Stories,
I Johnstone, J Dodson, J Wilson, D Dobson 2011, ISBN 978-0-9751677-1-7$7.50.
Learn about the pioneers of Montrose and their contribution to their community.

Montrose Settlement in the Foothills a History, Jennifer McLennan
19871, ISBN 0-9599754-2-X. $10.00.
A hard cover book produced by the former Shire of Lillydale to celebrate the history of Montrose.

The Dandenongs

The Dandenong Volcano and Settlement in the Great Forest
, John Lundy-Clarke, 1976, reprinted 1986, ISBN 0 9594036 4 7. $2.00.

Chirnside Park

Chirnside Park - The Very Early Days
, Leigh Blackburn, 1987, ISBN 0 9594036 5 5. $2.00.
The story of the district's only suburb created from the subdivision of a large parcel of land - Mooroolbark Park, originally selected by Gardiner and Fletcher.

Recent Releases

A Stretcher Bearer's War The Story of Ralph Goode MBE
, AJ McAleer, 2004, ISBN 978-0-9923991-1-5. $30.00.

Monash's Militia Camp Lilydale February 7th - 14th 1914, AJ McAleer, 2014, ISBN 978-0-9923991-0-8. $20.00.

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Contacts: Sue Thompson (President) 0475 219 884, Joy Gothe 0405 128 964 or  Lorraine Smith (Court House Manager) 03 9735 1104.


Our home is the Old Lilydale Court House at 61 Castella Street, Lilydale 3140.
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